Affiliate Disclosure

In the year 2015 new rules were released and published by Federal Trade Commission for the purpose of enabling clarity towards ‘Disclosure Compliance’.

These rules were released to ensure and enable all users or website viewers to know thoroughly that blog publisher endorsed, sponsored or partnered with different companies for commercial purposes. The users should have complete information about the fact which questions if blog publisher is making any money or not by sharing links about certain products. We, as a website are inclined to follow and abide by all federal and local laws.

In accordance with the FTC guidelines, please understand points described below.

If not all, a few of the given links affiliated to our website, do pay us or the publisher in case of any product that is sold from this given website links.

Affiliate Links?

Let us explain what is the meaning of an affiliate link. When somebody clicks on affiliate link mentioned at our website because they will buy the given product linked in that affiliate link, the user will be directed that to specific link at Amazon and user will buy directly from Amazon website. This should be noted that the purchases will be made from the Amazon website directly and not from our website.

Quality and Prices will not be affected in any case; if the users buy through an affiliate link or a non-affiliate link. So that means going to an affiliate link or clicking a non-affiliate link does not change anything about the product. The quality, price and product specifications will not be changed and will be authentic in fact.

What about the sponsored content?

We do not write Sponsored Content.

We consider the trust of our customers first and we want to achieve it by means of full honesty. Before any other policy we believe, honesty is our true way or policy to do stuff and to promote our website. This is why we review all the products with full honesty and do not favor or reject these products based on personal rivalries or other reasons. Our reviews are genuinely true and based on true experiences. At MiniProReviews will only suggest those products to our readers that we will recommend for our family too. That means quality and that too at affordable price.