GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter – 8.5″ Air Filled Tires – 15.5MPH & up to 12mile Range

GOTRAX is a well-known brand that is increasing their electric scooters to aid their customers. This popular brand has electric scooters available for all age groups. Get your dream scooter that fits the bill, no matter if you are a kid, teenager or an adult; their scooters are available for all.

Here, we are going to discuss one of its latest edition scooter that is GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter that you will be interested to know. This scooter is for those who want to enjoy fast speed and buy a unique looking outclass scooter. So, here we go;

Features of GOTRAX GXL Commuting Electric Scooter

This latest addition is made with best and quality features that scooter lovers will be waiting to know;

Portable design

GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter has a portable design that looks very much enchanting and attention-grabbing. It is a lever activated folding frame. You will love its unique design and feel very amazing by riding on this. Its frame folds down and gets locks for easy storage and portable to make it a perfect commuting scooter among all.

Red headlight

GXL commuting electric scooter has equipped with an Ultra bright red colored LED headlight in it so that you can do a safe and sound riding during the night time also.

Led display

GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter has a very beautiful and clear led display that is positioned in the front of the handlebars. By the help of this led, you will quickly get to know that how fast you are going and the remaining battery life also. Battery life will be shown to you with 4 bars, and you will easily get the idea or remaining battery. These bars also fluctuate when you have done some riding to tell you continuously that how much battery is consumed and how much is left.

Pneumatic Tires

It has large 8.5-inch front, and rear pneumatic knobby tires that make it an ultimate outclass commuting electric scooter to ride on the treacherous winding roads safely and smoothly because they absorb shock on the bumpy areas and have anti-slip properties just because of its specially designed knobby tires that are filled with air.

Powerful motor

GXL commuting electric scooter has a powerful 250-watt front hub motor which excellently performs its functions. This is the powerful scooter of GOTRAX yet with its high quality and unique features

Top speed                                

GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter has its top speed of 15.5 miles per hour. You can enjoy the fast speed of this scooter easily by taking it on roads and definitely you will be free from the issue of stuck in the traffic and move fast and freely where ever you want to go with complete ease and safety.

2-speed settings

This is an important thing to tell you that this electric scooter is also providing 2-speed settings. You can use one gear for the ten mph ride and similarly kick it into second gear for the full 15 mph ride. So you can experience both of these speeds, use the one as per your choice and convenience.

High voltage battery

GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter has a 36 V lithium-ion battery by which you can travel about 12.5 miles. Such a high voltage battery and superb performance is genuinely not less than a blessing so that you can travel long distances with greater speed for hours without any issues

Charging time

Charging time of this scooter is about 4 hours that is not a long time limit, but a best electric scooter should have a charging time like this. There is also a battery light indicator that will let you know about its charging

Weight-bearing limit

GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter has a weight carrying limit of 220 lbs. So there is no need to worry if you have a heavyweight, this scooter will bear this weight without any compromise on its high speed and performance. So enjoy this scooter riding fearlessly.

 Acceleration and double braking system

This electric scooter has a front and rear double braking system. You will feel safer with this disc braking and regenerative anti-lock brakes for making them, an efficient, immediately responsive and secured braking system.

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Along with the battery life, you will also conveniently get the view on the led display about your speed limit. So you will be aware all the time that on how much speed you are driving the scooter and how much you have or exceed or slow your speed according to the situations.

High-quality manufacturing

It is manufactured using a highly durable stainless steel and has a lever activated folding frame; it gets folded and locked easily and effortlessly without any damage. By doing this, it will not take much space for storage and become portable. This is a fantastic feature of this electric scooter, so you can easily make it anywhere you want and enjoy its fast and smooth ride.

Surfaces to ride

Although it is designed to ride on the roads, you can also ride this electric scooter on other flat surfaces and even off roads.


GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter is available in handsome price to everyone.

Specifications of GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter

The unique specifications of this amazing computing electric scooter are;

  • 250-watt powerful hub motor
  • Lever activated folding frame
  • Lithium-ion 36 V battery
  • Top speed of 15 mph along with 2-speed settings
  • Can tackle slope areas up to 10 degrees
  • Red colored Ultra Led light


  • Double braking system
  • Clear LED display
  • Shock absorbing pneumatic knobby tires(8.5 inches)
  • Portable design and highly stylish
  • Enhanced motor and battery
  • Good distance per charge
  • Underwriter Labs Certified for safety
  • Affordable price


  • No brake light


Say hello to the future with this stylish and uniquely designed electric scooter. Buy one and enjoy a safe, speedy and comfortable ride on GOTRAX GXL commuting electric scooter. Good luck!